About Celeritas

Experts in logistics and e-commerce

Celeritas was founded in 2006 as a result of the professional experience of its founding partners in the logistics and transportation sector.

We are a young company that is growing quickly, is economical and aims at developing projects that are adapted to our clients’ needs. At Celeritas we always work with services that offer added value and with cutting-edge technology essential for a constantly changing environment such as e-commerce.

Over the last few years we have established ourselves as a young company specialising in integral e-commerce logistics, widely known for our network of collection points, Punto Celeritas, present across the whole of Spain and with special agreements with networks in other European countries.. 

Part of the SGEL - Lagardère Group

SGEL, founded in 1914, is a group of companies whose main aim is the commercialisation and sale of communication and leisure products.

In turn, SGEL belongs to Groupe Lagardère, one of the leading distribution and retail companies and present in 30 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

In 2012, SGEL acquired Celeritas in order to expand its offer, benefiting from the synergies and providing logistical services to online sales companies. This is how a well-established group such as SGEL united with the young and expanding group Celeritas, with the aim of bringing high quality logistical services to the digital world thanks to the growing development of the e-commerce sector.