What are our advantages?

For e-commerce

What are our advantages?
  • We offer integrated logistics solutions tailored to your business’ needs
  • We have a constantly growing network of drop points
  • We provide a flexible integration with the client’s systems
  • We will help you with your expansion into the Canary Islands and internationally

For private individuals

What are our advantages?
  • You can send shipments to the whole country, including the Canary Islands, and internationally
  • You can receive your shipments at home or at our network of drop points throughout Spain
  • You can track your shipments easily from our web page

For drop points

What are our advantages?
  • Increase the profitability of your business by offering added value
  • Increase the visibility of your business and products
  • Bring new people to your business

For suppliers

What are our advantages?
  • Increase your business’ shipment volume
  • Delivery flexibility for your clients through the Punto Celeritas network
  • Increase your company’s visibility
  • Increase knowledge of your company thanks to our clients