It is likely that the Punto Celeritas is temporarily closed for some reason (illness, holiday…). It is also possible that the collection point is no longer a part of our network.
In the following link , if you enter your postal code, you can look up other Celeritas Pick up Points in your area (that may be an alternative to your usual PUP)


Search for the nearest point to your address in the Punto Celeritas section on our website and you will find all the information on our collection points (address, opening hours, map location…)

Of course! …and quick and easy. Fill in the form and tell us your new delivery/ contact details.

So easy! Just fill in the following form and we will answer promptly / within the following days.

Celeritas can offer you the right solution for your business. Tell us what you need and we can give you a proposal adapted to your needs (storage, stock control, picking, packing, etc.).

To the whole world. We have our own delivery network in the Peninsula (including Portugal), Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. We cover international destinations with special agreements with the best carriers.

We offer maximum adaptability with our web services, so that all your management and logistical information needs are covered by our tools. And if you prefer not to install anything, you can easily manage everything via our delivery management platform.

As we work with many carriers we are able to offer a huge variety of transportation services that range from standard delivery in 24, 48 or 72 hours, to delivering at specific time slots, same day delivery, premium delivery with interaction with the recipient, offshore… and if your business/shop needs a special service just fill in the following form and… tell us what you need!

To find out where your order is, enter the tracking number in the tracking tool on our website’s homepage.

The information we give you when you check the tracking of your order is:

The order has left the vendor’s premises: your order has been prepared but the store you purchased it from has still not delivered it to us.

Pending delivery to receive: the store you purchased the order from has still not delivered the package. Contact them if you have any questions about your order.

Delivery received by the carrier: the store you purchased the product from has delivered your package to us and we will soon deliver it to the address you provided us. The delivery time (24, 48 or 72 hours) will depend on what the website stated when you made the purchase.

In transit: the order is in one of our carrier’s trucks on its way to your province.

Arrived at forwarder’s office – Soon to be dispatched: the delivery is at the forwarder’s office in your area. The delivery time (24, 48 or 72 hours) will depend on what the website stated when you made the purchase.
Waiting to receive at the destination’s forwarding office: your order has not yet reached the forwarder’s office in your area who will make the delivery. We are making the necessary arrangements to ensure that it reaches the forwarder’s office. Contact us if you need more information.

Delivery in progress: the order is in the delivery truck and you will receive it by the end of the day. If you are not home, don’t worry, we will deliver it on the next working day (for deliveries to the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla, the next delivery may not be made in this period). If you are not in the next day, we will send you an email notification so that you can reply or call us and tell us when is the best time to come. If you prefer, you can also tell us to leave the package at the nearest Punto Celeritas and once there, you will have 15 days to collect it according to the opening hours of the store.

Absent: we have not been able to deliver your order as the courier was unable to contact you. We have sent you a notification with our contact details so that you can call us to arrange the delivery.

Insufficient delivery details: unfortunately, the details you have given us to deliver your package are insufficient. Please contact us to provide us with more details.

Delivery postponed until the next working day: unfortunately we have not been able to deliver today as planned. Don’t worry, we will make sure it gets to you on the next working day.

Delivery postponed due to poor weather conditions: due to the poor weather conditions we have not been able to deliver on time. We apologise for the delay, we will deliver your order as soon as possible.

Scheduled delivery: the delivery will be made at the address you have provided us, which may be different to the one you selected at the time of purchase.

Available to collect from the forwarder’s office: your order is at the forwarding office. You have 7 days to collect it or if you prefer, contact us to arrange a new delivery.

Order delivered: we have delivered the order to the address you provided us. If the order is not in your possession, please, check if any other resident at your address has accepted the order or, if you live in an apartment block, ask the doorman.

Refused delivery: Oh no! It seems that in the end you do not want your order. We will return it to the warehouse of the store you purchased the product from.

Returned package: for various reasons we have not been able to deliver your package and it is now on its way to the warehouse of the store you purchased the product from.

Return delivered to warehouse: your return has been delivered to the warehouse of the store you purchased the product from.

Delivery available in Punto Celeritas: your delivery is at a Punto Celeritas. You have 15 days from when it arrives to collect it (except orders from El Corte Inglés, which are just 7 days). If you do not remember the exact address of the Punto Celeritas, look it up with our Search Tool.

Package return notification: your order is still at Punto Celeritas and if you do not collect it in the next few days we will return it to the warehouse of the store you made the purchase from.

Period in Punto Celeritas exceeded: after being at Punto Celeritas for 15 days (7 days for orders from El Corte Inglés), your package has been returned to the warehouse of the store you made the purchase from.

Registered return at Punto Celeritas: your return has been successfully registered at your Punto Celeritas. It will be sent on the next delivery to the warehouses of the store you purchased the product from.

Punto Celeritas temporarily closed: the Punto you selected for your purchase is temporarily unavailable. Don’t worry, contact us so that we can help you find a solution.

If you do not find your order fill out this form, give us all the information you have and we will help you.